Heart for hard brings you: Dubstyle
Something new is born out of the harddance/hardstyle scene. We’re talking about a new style called: Dubstyle. It sounds like breakbeat nu-style/hardstyle. The drums have the same rhythm as dubstep. The kicks are snares are much louder(raw).

Artist who made/released dubstyle tracks or tracks made with the influence of dubstyle::
Pavelow, Brennan Heart, The Pitcher, Headhunterz en Zany.

Quote from an interview at q-dance.nl:
"Explaining what the sound of Pavelow really is, is pretty difficult. It’s some new hard/raw form of breakbeat and dubstep rythms fused with the sounds you know from some hardstyle tracks.You can recognize the well known hardstyle kicks in this genre. Because of te fact that these beats aren’t “straight”, there is a lot of space free for more percussion and electro- sounding noises. If I had to describe Pavelow’s style in three words. Those words would be: New, Different and Experimental”. Pavelow never confirmed this was the dubstyle sound and says that the productions he made are his own.. “Pavelow style tracks”. Even though the tracks could be compared to tracks of Headhunterz and Brennan Heart made in his production: The MF Point Of Perfection.''
Latest release(quote Brennan Heart) 
"In January 2010 I hit the studio with Headhunterz. Were entertaining the thought or question. 'Have we reached the MF point of perfection yet?' We were working on the mid intro and decided to flirt with various other musical styles. Before we knew it, Dubstyle was born.'Acid & Dubstyle was made exclusively for M!D!FILEZ. "
Comment new track: Unknown Analoq - Acid & Dubstyle
More about this style can be discussed at heart for hard.
Dubstyle is a part of the Indus3. More about this will be revealed

Dubstyle releases:

Djen - Day and Night E.P.

Just before this summer. Djen comes with a new release, which contains 3 new tracks. The original version of Day and Night, a 2013 mix and a 2013 mix of Peace.

Release Date: April/May 2013 | Label: Indus3 Records | Coming soon..


Djen - Dark Ages E.P (FREE RELEASE)

Djen: "Thank you so much! I have reached 500 likes! Kodo is one of my favourite projects. Yoshida Brothers are awesome! Listen and share it a lot. Download the free DJen - Kodo EP! Thanks again for the support!"

Release Date: 12.03.2013 | Label: Free | http://www38.zippyshare.com/v/41882893/file.html

Djen - Dark Ages E.P
Open your mind and explore the experimental harder styles. Heart for Hard and INDUS3 present: "Djen - Dark Ages". Coming this May 2012 to all available download portals. Born in Malaysia, Djen has really hit the local scene like no other Malaysian. He continually surfaces from the water with big tracks like The Heart, Day & Night and Dark Ages which allready received over 50.000 views only at youtube. Djen produces harddance with influences from Drum and Bass and Breakbeat.

Release Date: 23.05.2012 | Label: Heart for Hard Records | http://www.hardstyle.com/djen
Pavelow - Beautiful & Rich
Digital Age founded by Noisecontrollers and Wildstylez bring you: Pavelow - Beautifull and Rich

Release Date: 19.05.2011 | Label: Digital Age | http://www.hardstyle.com/pavelow
Unknown Analoq - Acid & Dubstyle
Acid and Dubstyle. Available on Midify Digital!

Release Date: 24.09.2010 | Label: Midify Digital | http://www.hardstyle.com/unknown-analoq

Dubstyle youtube video's
www.dubstyle.nl is part of h4h.fm(indus3) More coming soon...